SEEMORE the Eagle

Springfield Park Officer Chad Robinson, the coordinator of the Neighborhood Park Watch Program contacted LPNA to request their participation in the newly created Neighborhood Park Watch Program.

This program entails a mascot named “Seemore” the eagle. “Seemore” is a child friendly eagle that “keeps an eagle eye” on the park. This program was launched last year in May and has been a great success. The first Neighborhood Park Watch Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 24th at 6:30. This meeting's location will be at the Washington Park Pavillion. Each meeting will be held at a different park location in order to ensure equal representation. The Neighborhood Park Watch will be forming committees, naming officers, setting goals and identifying problems and projects to be accomplished within our 40+ parks. Every neighbor is encouraged to attend and represent Lincoln Park. We must work together with the park district, police and others to ensure our park is kept clean, safe and ever improving. 

If you have any questions you can contact Officer Robinson by :
Phone at 971-2291 or 753-6221
or by email at
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