The Lincoln Park Lagoon Project is currently underway. Many exciting updates, improvements, and changes are planned. The Lincoln Park Bridge and Lagoon Restoration Project is a priority for the Park District.

The project includes three phases.

Phase I, covered the renovation of the existing bridge, including its infrastructure.

Phase II encompasses the engineering and surveying of the lagoon hydrology and shoreline issues. The Park District included
the dredging of the Lagoon within Phase II.

Phase III, the beautification of the surrounding area, will add the finishing touches to the project. The plans for Phase III include a walking path system around the lagoon, plantings, new lighting, and more.

The Springfield Parks Foundation will play an integral role in this part of the project.

The Park District appreciates everyone’s patience while this construction is going on in Lincoln Park. Look forward to many great changes to Lincoln Park and the Lagoon

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