What Can Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association Do For Me?

A neighborhood association will only accomplish things to the extent members set goals and work together to achieve them. If you want to have input regarding our goals, we’d love to hear from you. Please join us at our next meeting. (Meetings are at 6:30 pm, the third Thursday in January, March, May, July, September and November at St. Joseph's Cafeteria, on the corner of Eastman and 5th Street.)

Here are some of the things we feel we do well:

Protecting your investment – By banding together, we have and will continue to affect decisions made about zoning and development in our neighborhoods to preserve their character and your home’s value.

Keeping our neighborhood safe – We meet regularly with our neighborhood police officer to report our concerns and learn about what’s happening in our neighborhood. We also get to know our neighbors so we can better look out for each other.

Making your voice heard – We have city aldermen and a county board representative attending most every  meeting. We also have had other civic leaders speak on a regular basis. This provides members with ample opportunities to have direct input on issues that affect them.

Providing services – For the past few years we have had a neighborhood clean-up day where we help folks in the neighborhood get rid of unwanted junk. We also help create neighborhood watch programs, garage sale and social events. We also have a newly created effort of a speakers bureau for our meetings.

Fostering pride – We have a current project in the works to install signs identifying our association area to demonstrate the pride we have in our area. The historic home tour in December features our beautiful homes.

Keeping members informed
– Our monthly newsletter  and website keeps members informed about what’s going on in our association and elsewhere in the city. We publish information about public services available and contact information for public officials and services.

Organizing Activities – Many of the activities, even the neighborhood clean-up, are a lot of fun. They often involve food, drink and laughter.

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